Live Dissection of the Human Fascial System with Carla Stecco

Live Dissection of the Human Fascial System with Carla Stecco

Physeducation is proud to present for the first time in Switzerland this advanced anatomy training, which is unique in several ways. 

Prof. Dr. Carla Stecco, one of the world’s leading anatomists specialised in fascia research and fascial dissection and an experienced Fascial Manipulation ® therapist comes to the University of Basel to give you an educational experience that will change the way you understand, see, and
appreciate the human body.
This unique workshop combines the understanding of classical anatomy with the actual knowledge of fascial anatomy. 

During these three days, participants will take part in live dissections in the dissection room, performed by Carla Stecco, detailing the macroscopic anatomy of the superficial, deep and visceral fascia. This will always be done in the context of interrelationships between the fascial layers and other clinically relevant anatomical structures. Participants will have the opportunity to actively engage during the dissection and discussion activities. 
This integrative anatomical training will enrich your perspective of anatomy and change your everyday practice and treatment.

Don’ t miss this unique opportunity!

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Date 2023: 05-07 JULI – Kurs ist ausgebucht.  Sie können sich aber für die Warteliste anmelden.

Location:       University of Basel

Language:  English

Time scedule:     

1. Tag: 09.00 – 18:00

 2. Tag: 08:30 – 18:00

 3. Tag: 08.30 – 15.30

Fee:     CHF 1350.- inklusive Kaffeepausen